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Rain Shower Heads: A Love-It-or-Hate-It Experience

Aug 10, 2023  

The latest trend in bathroom products is the rain shower head. If you enjoy a soothing morning shower with water cascading down like a gentle rain, you’ll either fall in love with this product or find it not to your taste. Marketed as a luxurious and stylish alternative to regular shower heads, the rain shower head’s popularity is on the rise, but whether it will truly become the next big thing is subjective.
The Appeal of Rain Shower Heads
Engineers has innovated to recreate the sensation of standing in a refreshing rain shower. Modern rain shower head models boast a wider surface area and larger water droplets. When these larger droplets collide as they fall, they transform into streams of fine droplets, creating a captivating effect.
For trend-followers who seek technology integration in their bathroom fixtures, there are rain shower heads available with LED displays and built-in stereo systems. Singing in the rain has never been so delightful!
Pros & Cons of Rain Shower Heads
Although rain shower heads have garnered a devoted following, some homeowners who have tried them eventually return to traditional shower heads or opt to supplement the rain head with a flexible, pulsating shower head. If you are considering a rain shower head, here are some key considerations:
What’s to Love About a Rain Shower Head:
Modern and stylish appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.
Enhances the value of your bathroom.
Provides a gentle, widespread spray with consistent pressure. Larger surface areas result in gentler force, though some new models offer adjustability.
Offers the flexibility of installation on the ceiling or as a wall-mounted alternative.
Potential Drawbacks of Rain Shower Heads:
The spray is constant and typically not as forceful as standard shower heads.
Lathering and rinsing can be more challenging due to the constant water spray and gentle pressure.
Limited options for pulsating massage or directed body spray, unless combined with a second, flexible shower head.
Holes can become clogged, requiring frequent cleaning to maintain consistent water spray.
Generally higher cost compared to standard shower heads.
Will Rain Shower Heads Suit You?
If you love the sensation of standing in a rain shower, this might be the perfect showerhead for you! However, if you’ve had a negative experience with one in the past, it’s essential to know that technology has evolved. Early models received complaints about the sensation of feeling like pins and needles and the time it took to rinse off soap and shampoo.
Before investing significantly in this type of shower fixture, it’s advisable to try out one of the more affordable models first to see if it suits your preferences. Rain shower heads have received positive and negative feedback, so testing one yourself is the best way to determine if it truly belongs in your bathroom!

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